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Waypoint ICE 2017

Internationalen Charter Expo in Zagreb 2017

Das Ausstellen auf der Internationalen Charter Expo in Zagreb (ICE) wurde zu unserer Tradition. Wir verpassen keine Gelegenheit, unsere tollen Partner zu treffen und auf die großartige Segelsaison anzustoßen, welche soeben zu Ende gegangen ist. Ebenso nutzen wir diese Gelegenheit, Neuigkeiten in unserem Angebot anzukündigen, welche wir für die bevorstehende Saison vorbereitet haben. Vom 03. – 05. November finden Sie uns an den Ständen …


Safety charter pack

Yacht charter with no deposit? Sounds good right? Yacht charter with no deposit => We have great news for You: from now on we are offering a new service that is called SAFETY CHARTER PACK. Safety charter pack is service that besides content of standard Charter pack includes also Deposit waiver fee => non-refundable security deposit. Advantages of buying SAFETY CHARTER PACK: – No …


International Charter Expo 2015

After two successful events; DHC 2013 & DHC 2014, “Dani hrvatskog čartera” or “Days of Croatian charter” are transformed into ICE ’15 – International Charter Expo 2015. New brand ICE is supposed to underline the new, more international character of the expo. In 2014 the expo had 57 fleet operators and crewed yacht owners as exhibitors, all of them with bases in Croatia. On …


Another new Bavaria Cruiser 37 joining our fleet for yacht charter Croatia season 2015

Bavaria Yacht Charter Croatia Bavaria Yacht Charter Croatia – Another brand new Bavaria Cruiser 37 – “Nancy” is joining Waypoint fleet for new yacht charter season in Croatia. She is also 3-cabin, 2 wc version like another new Bavaria Cruiser 37 – “Happy Point”. Waypoint continue to upgrade fleet with most demanded boats – Bavaria and 37-40 footers. The Cruiser 37 deck design delivers …


Bavaria 37 (Happy Point), new addition to our fleet for new yacht charter season 2015 in Croatia

  Bavaria 37 2015, we are excited to announce arrival of “Happy Point”, a brand new 2015 Bavaria Cruiser 37. “Happy Point” is 3-cabin version and can accommodate crews of up to six people. Isophthalic acid (IPA) resins in the outer layers, used during the laminating process, ensure that the hull of a CRUISER 37 is of the highest quality. These offer effective protection …


New additions to our fleet for 2015 charter season, Elan 50 Impression & Elan 45 Impression

We have new additions to our fleet for new yacht charter season 2015 in Croatia, Elan 50 Impression (Moonlight) & Elan 45 Impression (Baby Boo).  Elan 50 Impression (Moonlight)    Elan 50 Impression delivers a consistently pleasurable sailing experience, which means fast cruising and easy handling even when “short-handed”. Impression Yachts combine hull design with optimal rig and sail area to ensure a safe and stable yacht …


One way, Trogir-Dubrovnik

Trogir-Dubrovnik, we offer you a great and unique opportunity to sail along beautiful Adriatic coast between our two bases in Trogir and Dubrovnik where we have our own offices with staff and boat maintenance. Either you want to go form Trogir to Dubrovnik or other way around, that is a special way to explore big part of adriatic coat and islands. Alo we often …


Free Wi-Fi on all boats

You want to stay in contact with your family and friends while on the open sea? No problem. On all boats in Waypoint – Yacht charter Croatia fleet you’ll get free Wi-Fi connection. That means you can enjoy high speed wireless connection to the Internet at any time during your sailing holiday in Croatia. Enjoy your online surfing while sailing in beautiful Croatia sea …


One-Way Yachtcharter, Route Trogir-Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik-Trogir

Eine einzigartige Möglichkeit, die wunderschöne Adriaküste zwischen diesen beiden Basen zu erforschen, in welchen wir unsere eigenen Büros mit Personal und Bootswartung haben. Wir sind eines der wenigen Charterunternehmen in Kroatien, welche eine One-Way Charterroute anbieten. Ebenso haben wir oftmals spezielle Angebote mit kostenlosem One-Way, damit Kunden die Boote zurück in ihre Heimatbasis ohne zusätzliche Kosten bringen können (abhängig von der Verfügbarkeit, nur für …