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Segeln in Kroatien

History of sailing dates to the prehistorical times – first painting of the ship under sails appears on a painted disc in Kuwait between 5500 and 5000 BC. Since their beginnings sailing boats were used for trade, transport, fishing or war purposes. Sailing has been an instrument in developing civilization, affording humanity great mobility and great geographical discoveries.

The discovery of the steam engine and the arrival of steamships at the beginning of the 19. century diminish the importance of sailing boats. Slowly, they are starting to get its other purpose – recreational one. But, already in the 16. and 17. century Dutch sailors, prominent maritime merchants, have started a new trend – they made sailing to be also a fun activity.

It is interesting to know that word “Yacht” comes from the dutch word “Jaght”, meaning small ship that is easy to manage.  During his stay in Netherlands, british king Charles II. liked the idea of sailing for fun and he spread it’s popularity from Netherlands to Great Britain. He has ordered building of two luxury sailing yachts that had race on River Themse.

Soon, popularity of sailing for fun, led to forming first sailing clubs. First sailing club was founded in 1720. in Ireland.

In 20. century sailing became an interesting recreational and competitive sport that was improved by new design of sailing yachts and by the use of new building materials.

Thewas founding companies that were renting boats for fun on a weekly next step in developent of sailing for fun basis. First yacht charter companies were founded at the end of 20th century.

Sailing in Croatia

With its intact nature, indented coastline with a lot of islands close to the shore, and with historical and cultural heritage, Croatia has soon become one of the world’s most popular destiantions for yacht charter guests.

Yacht charter in Croatia experienced its strongest growth in 2003., when a number of charter boat was mostly increased – croatian charter fleet counted around 1200 charter boats. Since 2003. croatian charter fleet has been increased proportionally from year to year, except in 2008. and 2009. when the world financial crisis influenced also charter industry.

In 2014. croatian charter fleet counted more than 3.000 charter boats, mainly sailing boats. Sailing boats and catamarans are the most popular vessel types for nautical guests, as they are offering a combination of economically acceptable, recreational and relaxing vacation. Also, chartering a sailing boat is great way to be in touch with nature and to strengthen Your family, friends or business relationships.